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Dr. Muniraj Patel

Dr. Muniraj Patel has the following qualification-MBBS-Diabetology and specializes in Diabetes, Thyroid & Harmons. He has an overall experience 10+years.

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  • English, Hindi
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10+ years experience in this field.




Dr. Muniraj Patel is Specializes a Diabetology. he has an overall experience 10+years in this field. Dr. Muniraj Patel practices at ISLET INDIA Diabetes & Thyroid Clinic. He completed-MBBS-Diabetology from  ISLET INDIA Diabetes & Thyroid Clinic.

Dr. Muniraj Patel is a specialized medical practitioner with expertise in Diabetes, Thyroid, and Hormonal disorders. His focus on these areas underscores a commitment to managing endocrine-related health concerns. Dr. Muniraj Patel provides comprehensive care, offering tailored solutions to patients dealing with diabetes, thyroid issues, and hormonal imbalances for optimal health outcomes.


BSc degree in Neurosciences (1994) at University College London

Research interest

Dr. Muniraj Patel has a research interest in Diabetologist, it suggests a focus on advancing knowledge and understanding within these fields.

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